Educational Service

Paint and Fold


For: Preschool and Elementary Students


Duration: 60 minutes


After visiting the exhibition, we shall explore chance and its results through simple exercises. Firstly, we will randomly apply paint to the paper in different techniques and then we will fold and unfold the papers. From this, organic forms will arise and the results should remind us of some of the pieces by Ana Jotta. Several questions follow the project: what can we see in these shapes? Are these butterflies? Or maybe insects? Have you ever tried to find recognizable shapes in the clouds?


Ana Jotta’s Kitchen


For: Elementary and Middle School Students


Duration: 60 minutes


We have lost all the Art pieces in the kitchen! Will the students be able to help us find them? The challenge asks the students to identify objects that are part of the exhibition and are hidden in a draft of a chaotic kitchen. Given the fact that the artist usually resorts to objects of daily use for her works, maybe some of these may go unnoticed. From this confusion, we initiate a debate about how some of the objects found in this exhibition are unexpected.



Funky Corpse


For: Elementary, Middle and High School Students


Duration: 2 hours


What is the ‘Funky Corpse’ technique? In this workshop, we will explore this surrealist experience: a collective game in which each student intervenes with their own drawing in a part of a long roll of paper. Following this, the paper is folded in a way that only a few lines are visible to the next student so they can continue with their own drawing. With this exercise, we teach and test a technique that was commonly used in the beginning of the twentieth century. In the end, the paper will be unrolled and the group can analyze the results of joining all the different drawings.



On Hold


For: Middle and High School Students


Duration: 2 hours


In her Art practices, Ana Jotta constantly chooses and selects different objects, ideas and expressions. Through this activity we will observe what kind of ideas the students come up with while using images and words from the given magazines and books. The magic of selective choice may lead us to results that are, sometimes, unexpected. The main purpose is to intertwine different thoughts: what could seem random at first may, in fact, have an occult connection.





For: High School Students


Duration: 60 minutes


An oriented tour in which the exhibition is profoundly presented and analyzed. Besides this, we take in consideration the House and its architectural and decorative characteristics as well as the unique garden that surrounds the building. Inventoria, the current exhibition, allows us to highlight a specific artistic typology from the twentieth century: site specific Art. Given this, the students are highly incentivized to find, during the visit, the pieces that were specially made for this House.


J Diary


For: High School – Linguistic and Humanistic Sciences Students


Duration: 60 minutes


Dedicated to the students from the Linguistic and Humanistic Sciences course in High School, in this experience, we distribute diaries and challenge the students to write about the most relevant outputs they got from the exhibition and how Casa São Roque may have inspired them. Afterwards, it’s expected that they work on these materials in the classroom with their teacher’s guidance and send us their final works which may be shared in our social media.



For scheduling your activity, please contact us via e-mail with, at least, 15 days in advance. The e-mail should contain: the name of the school, the name of the responsible for the visit and their contacts, as well as the chosen activity. In due time, the team of Educative Services of the Art Centre will answer your e-mail with a registration form.


Please understand that the group should be present at the entrance of Casa São Roque at least 15 minutes before the scheduled beginning of the visit.


Ilustração: Catarina Miranda