The Garden surrounding the House originated in the eighteenth century and is characterized by small plots of irregular forms in which a collection of herbaceous plants and small flower bushes can be found. To the East, we observe plots of larger dimension which house larger bushes and trees that not only serve as a beautiful ornament, but also as shadows to protect from the unsparing summer sun shining from the South. We can also observe a tiny lake of irregular shape which is of imperative importance in its contribution to soften the powerful heat. In the Southwest angle, there is also a small pavilion in a high position where you would once be able to observe the unobstructed views of Porto: the fertile valleys of the narrow rivers Tinto e Torto, before flowing into Douro


Regarding the surrounding Gardens of Parque São Roque, we find more than 4 hectares of beautiful landscapes, thanks to the intervention of the historical gardener Jacinto de Matos who introduced around 200 camellias, the pavilion and cave that are organically combined with the lake and remain today as important signs of what was common in the gardens during the eighteenth century.