Guided Tours

Casa São Roque Centro de Arte offers two diferente types of guided tours:


1) The first type of visit is to the House and Exhibition, where an experienced guide will accompany you and tell you the unique history of the family that has once inhabited the House, show you the beautiful architectural details and the decorative features of a different time. Adding to this, they will also guide you through the distinct Art pieces that nowadays enliven the House.


2) There is also the possibility to opt for a guided visit to the Centennial Camellias, trees which are found in the Garden that surrounds the House and in the Parque de São Roque, a park of over 4 hectares (approximately 10 acres). These Centennial Camellias were classified by Armando Oliveira and António Assunção in March 2019.


The Guided Tours can be scheduled for a group of up to 35 people. The cost is of 50€ per group, a cost to which you should also add the price for each individual ticket (7€ for general entrance; 3,5€ for students and people aged 65+ and children under 12 don’t have to pay for a ticket).


Please understand that the scheduling of the Tour is restricted by our own availability and should be made in advance (with at least 7 working days of advance).


Our Guided Tours are planned, trained and executed with the objective of proportionating excellency in providing a unique experience to our visitors, allowing you to gain more knowledge in the areas of historical, natural and cultural patrimony that Casa São Roque has.


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