Casa S. Roque Art Center is located in Parque S. Roque, in the eastern area of the city of Porto, and will present a Contemporary Art Programme that will include the Peter Meeker Collection with more than 500 works of artists from all over the world.

Casa S. Roque had an intervention, between 1900 and 1911, by the architect José Marques da Silva and is now an ex-libris of this period houses in Porto, for its architectural and decorative features, where its winter garden is truly unique.


The Parque S. Roque, with more than 4 hectares, had an intervention by the historic gardener of Porto Jacinto de Matos and its 200 camellias, gazebo, grotto and arbor remains as important signs of the gardens of the time.

At Casa S. Roque you will have an unique experience with Contemporary Art, the architecture of the house, its history and its garden.